s18c: artpop is by far my favorite gaga album omg & venus is my favorite song of hers of all time but i have to admit the era was pretty messy, it's a shame that that's why people view it as a bad album :(

ARTPOP is great, I agree with you 100% Venus is just an example of how amazing her music could be if she really is able to do what she wants and has complete creative control, which I see happening very soon! And so what if the “era” was messy, sometimes things don’t work out and thats okay! She still gave us three wonderful singles, two awesome videos and a whole album of jams, ragers and masterpieces there is no reason this era should be reflected upon negatively. I honestly think this is era the first time where Gaga is truly happy with her fans, her art and her life, and I think thats something worth celebrating!

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  1. s18c said: I honestly feel like the era would have been a lot more solidified if she didn’t push Do What U Want to legitimate single status and instead gave Venus a chance. Plus there was already a director planned (who made the single covers & video photo) :(
  2. russianhookerss said: messy??? she has been the realest this era like she converses with fans more and shows more of her inner self instead of playing a persona it’s been great. the only fuck-up i can think of is the dwuw video
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